When does my drivers license get taken off suspension after a DUI arrest

Question: I was arrested for a DUI in Van Nuys, CA in July 2009, but wasn’t actually sentenced until October. I was told the moment I was arested that my license was suspended and I was on probation. When does the suspension of my drivers license stop?
Answer: How many DUI or alcohol related driving conviction priors did you have (if any), and when were they? That will determine the length of your drivers license suspension. I will add that your license should not have been suspended when arrested for DUI. You should have been given a temporary license for a while, then depending on if you requested a DMV hearing and how that went, that would determine when your license suspension started (if that took place before the DUI conviction, which would also trigger a license suspension). Also, in order to get your license back, you need to comply with the court and dmv requirements which can very depending on your case and amount of priors.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer