charged with driving on a suspended license VC 14601.2

Question: I was charged with a VC 14601.2 driving on a suspended license in Los Angeles. I had a 2nd DUI in Van Nuys last year that i was convicted of, but never received a notice from the DMV hearing whether or not I won or lost that DMV hearing. Since I didn’t get notification of the DMV hearing, should I go to trial because I didn’t know my license was suspended?
Answer: Sounds like your VC 14601.2 driving on a suspended license case is already underway and you have an attorney already. The best person to answer this question is your attorney who is familiar with all the aspects of your case. With the DUI conviction, it is likely that the court gave you notice of a drivers license suspension by the DMV when you entered your DUI plea in Van Nuys, and if so, that would likely be brought up to the jury if you decided to go to trial. If you don’t have an attorney yet and want to discuss it in more detail, please feel free to call me.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer