Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes




Drug Crime Defense Law Firm for the Los Angeles Area

Drug charges are one of the most common criminal charges in California.  The Law Office of Philip D. Hache has garnered a reputation for providing tough, experienced and aggressive representation of clients facing all types of drug charges in the Los Angeles area. This includes possession, intent to sell, sales, and trafficking. He understands the hassle and uncertainty his clients face when charged with violating California drug laws and offers comprehensive defense in all types of drug cases throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Further, Attorney Phil Hache will begin building your defenses and challenging evidence in your case from day one. This includes potential motions to suppress evidence in cases of illegal search and seizure of evidence, aggressively challenging search warrants, seeking reduction of charges, plea negotiations and negotiation of drug diversion programs such as PC-1000 and Prop 36.

PC 1000 and Prop 36 are potential avenues of opening up treatment options for clients who would otherwise be facing significant jail time, fines and other criminal penalties.

Further, Prop 64 has reduced some marijuana drug related felonies to misdemeanors, and previous misdemeanors to non-offenses.  If you were convicted previously on a marijuana charge that has since been effected by Prop 64, it is possible to get re-sentenced to the lesser charge even if you have already completed the terms of your sentencing.

If you are facing drug charges or have prior drug convictions that may be able to get reduced in the Southern California area, contact the Law Offices of Phil Hache at 818-336-1384 for a free consultation to speak directly and confidentially about your case and your rights.