Traffic ticket with multiple violations

Question:  What should I do with this pretty bad traffic ticket I got?

I got the traffic ticket with several offenses back in April in Chatsworth, CA.  It was 3 violations; ran a red light, speeding, and no front plates. I missed the court date on the ticket which was for September.  In October I got an extension ad now the new due date is in January. Online my only option is “Court Date Reservation for Arraignment Only – No Trials”. However I was told I can just pay and close the ticket. What should I do? Thanks.

Answer:  If the court website is giving you the option to pay the ticket, then that is an option (ie. no mandatory court appearance).   That being said, if you pay the ticket without fighting it, that means you are convicted of the charges, which not only means paying the fines, but also a DMV point issue

DMV points can cause your insurance premiums to increase for a long period of time.  Additionally, too many DMV points in a 12, 24 or 36 month period can lead to a driver license suspension issue with the DMV. 

Feel free to contact me at 818-336-1384 to discuss defending your ticket.  I have a high success rate of getting traffic tickets completely dismissed in Chatsworth (and other) Courts.


Philip Hache