What if I was never arrested for a petty theft in San Fernando

Question: I used to shoplift at a store 6 years ago in San Fernando, CA and I wonder if it can it be on my record because I almost got caught in the act. When I carried the dvd into the restroom, one of the guys followed me and when I saw him I put the dvd on the counter and pretended to washing my hands but he brought me to the cashier and asked if I was going to pay for it. I said I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it yet so I think he asked for my name and DOB. He kicked me out and said if I wanted to go to to that store I’d have to go with my parent and after that a month I stopped and just shopped at the store regularly. I also checked a criminal record online but can’t find me and I’m going to get a live scan soon. I was never arrested or got a court date for the last 6 years.
Answer: If you were never arrested, charged, or convicted of anything, then there should not be anything on your criminal record. And if 6 years have passed since the event, the statute of limitations for filing any charge would have expired. Check the livescan so you feel confident about it, but you can’t be convicted of a criminal charge if you are never actually charged with anything.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer