What kind of VC 22349(b) infraction was I cited for?

Question:  I was pulled over doing 69 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The officer said he only gave me an infraction ticket for doing 55+ under VC 22349(b), but in speed approx. box he put the 69mph speed.  Will I have to pay 16+ mph over speed limit fine, or the 1-15 mph fine?  I was in a commercial vehicle, but the commercial vehicle section was not checked off.

Answer:  Sorry to hear about this.  If the officer wrote 69 mph for your speed, then that would be 14 mph over 55 mph.  The bigger concern is your commercial driver license.  Getting a speeding ticket conviction as a commercial driver creates more issues (generally speaking) than class “C” drivers as the DMV points are calculated differently. Insurance rates are more of a concern, and it can directly affect your employment as a commercial driver. 

I would recommend contacting a good traffic ticket attorney in your area to fight this ticket in court to try to get it dismissed or otherwise mitigated.  If you received your ticket in Los Angeles or Ventura County, I can assist you in defending this.  If you received it in an outside county within California let me know and I likely can refer you to an attorney who handles traffic tickets in that area.

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