Missed DUI court date

Question:  What should I do if I missed my DUI Court Date in Van Nuys Court. I have a mental disability and tested positive for alcohol and drugs?  The drugs I take are prescribed benzodiazepines. I did drink and was pulled over for speeding. My court date was in April 2021. 

Answer:  If you missed a Court date on a misdemeanor DUI charge it is likely that the Court issued a bench warrant for failure to appear.  The case can be put back on calendar to address the warrant issue, then continue with defense of the case from there.  I would recommend contacting a DUI Defense attorney in your area to discuss your situation in more detail and how they can assist you in recalling the warrant and defending your DUI case. 

If your case was in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino or Riverside County I can help.  I regularly handle DUI’s in those counties and have done so with successful results.  If your DUI case is in California but not one of the counties listed above, let me know and I can likely refer you to a DUI Attorney in your area.