Theft conviction expunged in San Fernando, CA

Theft conviction expunged in San Fernando, CA

Question: Can I have a Criminal defense attorney appear on my behalf in San Fernando court?  I have a a felony theft conviction on my record from years ago and I would like the theft conviction expunged.  It happened when I was young and being reckless.  I am now married with kids and have a doctorate.  Clearly not the same person I was back then.   .

Although it doesn’t pose an issue or problem for me in terms of employment at this time being that it was so long ago, from time to time it does become an issue when I know it would not be if I had it expunged.

Dismissal of criminal conviction in San Fernando Court

Even more importantly, my wife and I are considering adopting, and I know for a fact that that will pose a serious problem.  My only issue now is that I live in Utah where I have a ridiculously busy schedule the offense occurred in San Fernando, CA. Would it be possible to hire a reputable Criminal Defense lawyer to file the paperwork and go to court on my behalf, read the judge a written statement that I prepared along with evidence that proves I have not since been in any trouble and have been a productive citizen who went so far as to earn a doctorate degree? Or am I going to have to make the trip out there myself?

Answer:  A criminal defense attorney such as myself can handle putting together, filing and handling any court date associated with the 1203.4 petition for dismissal (often referred to as an expungement).  Not all felony convictions are eligible for dismissals, but most are, including theft convictions.

Some felony convictions can even reduced to a misdemeanor and then subsequently dismissed, which also has its benefits.  I have successfully handled many dismissals (ie. expungements) of criminal convictions ranging from serious felonies to DUI’s, drug convictions, theft related convictions, etc. for clients without my clients having to step foot in a court room.

There is more information about expungements here:   Theft expungement .  Feel free to contact me at your convenience for a free consultation.  I can be reached at 818-336-1384 if you would like to discuss your situation in more detail.