Early Termination of Probation for 2nd DUI in San Fernando, CA

Early Termination of Probation for 2nd DUI in San Fernando, CA

Question: I was convicted of a 2nd DUI in February of 2011 in San Fernando, CA and was placed on 5 year probation. How do I go about getting an early  termination of probation for 2nd DUI case that happened a while back? I currently live in MA.

I got a 2nd DUI in 2011. I completed classes and paid the fine but I am on probation until February of 2016. I must do an early probation termination for immigration purposes. The attorney handling my immigration work said he needs evidence that I completed my sentence and although I provided a certified disposition and copy of the entire file my Immigration attorney thinks it may not sufficient and I still should do the early termination.

The problem is that I now reside in MA and have less than a month to get the probation terminated. If I hire a DUI attorney to help me with the process in CA will I need to fly to San Fernando, CA to appear in court for the early termination of probation hearing?

How long does this process take? What is the probability that it will be granted if I file the motion with the help of a DUI attorney who is familiar with the early termination process?
I have not gotten in any trouble since. Since my last DUI my record is clean.

Answer: It is possible to get an early termination of probation granted. I have gotten it granted for my clients. Particularly in situations like yours where there is good reason to and you successfully completed the majority of your probation successfully.

If you hired me to handle the matter, you would not need to come to San Fernando, California to appear for a court date or to file the documents as I could handle it as your attorney. Chances of getting the early termination of probation granted are likely to increase as well with a good attorney who has experience handling early termination of probation proceedings as I have done for my clients in the past.

Call me as soon as possible as time is obviously of the essence here. I would be happy to help you this.  In the meantime, there is some info about expungments on the following link which also briefly discusses early termination of probation that you might find helpful:   DUI expungement


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