What is the max alcohol level for a DUI? I have a court date in San Fernando for a DUI. I told them I wanted a DUI attorney but they asked me questions anyways.

Is there a max alcohol level for a DUI?

Question:  What is the max alcohol level for a DUI?  I have a court date in San Fernando for a DUI coming up in a few weeks.  I told the cop that pulled me over that I wanted a DUI attorney but they asked me questions anyways.  I did everything they asked and got arrested for a DUI anyways.  At first I did not want to do any of their tests, but the officer made it seem like if I did the tests well he would let me go.  I did the tests well, but guess what…arrested…
Now I want to fight the case because I know I was not driving under the influence and don’t know why the officer even arrested me for it.  The cop was nice to me…until he arrested me that is….
Answer: I think what you are asking is, what is the legal limit for alcohol for DUI?  Under VC 23152(b) if you have a .08 BAC level or higher you are above the legal limit. A lso, keep in mind that you can be charged with a DUI under VC 23152(a) even if your BAC is below a .08. Did they read you your miranda rights at any time? And particularly once you told them you wanted a DUI attorney?
Officers often tell people that if they do well on Field sobriety tests they will let them go.  No matter how well you think you do on those tests, if you blow into a Preliminary alcohol screening machine and the result is at, near or over a .08 reading, you are getting arrested for DUI even if you performed those field sobriety tests like an olympic gymnast.
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