Petty theft expunged in Van Nuys

Getting your Petty Theft conviction dismissed

Question:  I was convicted of a Petty theft in van Nuys court.  Can you handle getting a petty theft expunged from my record without me at court?  Convicted of petty theft 484 in Van Nuys Court 5 years ago, but live out of state.  It is causing some issues with getting a job I am applying for.  I was told that if I get it expunged that they can move forward with the hiring process.
Also, in the event that you can handle it without me being there, how long would the process take?
Answer: Yes, I can handle your petty theft expungement in Van Nuys Court without you needing to go to court regarding the matter.  Technically it’s not an expungement as California does not do “expungements,” they do “dismissals”.  The terms are often used interchangeably though.  In essence, if granted, the petty theft conviction is withdrawn and dismissed.
Did you have any issues while you were on probation, ie. probation violations?  And are you currently on probation or have any pending criminal matters?
Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your matter further, but yes, this is something I can handle for you assuming you are currently eligible, which I can verify when we speak.
As far as time frame, Van Nuys court generally takes about 4-5 weeks to process everything once the necessary documents are properly filed.  As soon as I am retained I can get to work on it immediately and have it filed within a few days assuming you are able to provide me with certain personal info that I may need to get started.
In the meantime, feel free to check out the following link for more information of the process and how I can help you get the petty theft conviction dismissed: Petty Theft expungement
by Phil Hache,
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