Question: Van Nuys DUI charge, it’s a 3rd DUI. What can happen? I’m petrified.

I understand you are nervous about getting a 3rd offense DUI. It is tough to relay information on a post like this, but please keep in mind that I am relaying what the penalties are per the laws in California for a 3rd offense DUI in a generalized fashion. I recommend speaking to an attorney about your case in more detail by phone or in person to walk you through this in a more personal manner than a post.

I don’t have your specific case details, but conviction of a third offense DUI based on a Vehicle Code 23152 charge(s) does include jail time between 120 days to 1 year. Additionally, there would be a fine imposed between $390 – $1,000 plus penalty assessments (ie. Court fees and taxes, which will increase the fine approximately 4 times), and an alcohol program. If there was an accident involved, excessive speeding, or other possible enhancements, there could be other possible consequences as well.

There are possible options depending on the court and circumstances. Although many Courts would not grant house arrest for a 3rd offense DUI, it is not out of the question. Additionally, some Courts will approve what is called a 30/30 which would lessen the jail time to 30 days but require committing to a 30 month alcohol program.

There was recently a new law passed in California that allows drivers convicted of a 3rd DUI offense to get a restricted license after 6 months, and upon installation of an Interlock Device in the car.

There are a lot of variables in DUI cases, and perhaps you have a strong case that can result in dismissal of the DUI charge(s). I do recommend hiring an Attorney for this matter as does involve potential serious consequences. I regularly handle DUI cases in Van Nuys with good results. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your situation in more detail.

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