Question: My friend came out here from Boston and got a DUI. He needs to know what to do? The Court is San Fernando Court for DUI VC 23152a. He is considering just ignoring it as he doesn’t want to fly to San Fernando Court to deal with the DUI.

Answer: Under normal circumstances in this situation, the Court would issue a warrant for his arrest for failure to show up to his Court date. An attorney will likely be able to handle the hearings for him without him ever appearing in Court. He should contact an attorney in California to go over particulars about his case so he can get specific advice about it.

Additionally, again, generally speaking, the DMV in California will suspend his license in California if he ignores the situation. Massachusetts DMV will likely pick up on it and take action against his license as well.

I recommend that your friend contact an attorney out here to assist in the matter as opposed to ignoring it. I can be reached at 818-336-1384 if your friend wants to talk about the case in more detail. I regularly handle DUI cases in San Fernando Court.


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