Getting a record expunged rather than sealed in Van Nuys, California?

Question: Is there a difference between getting a record expunged rather than sealed in Van Nuys, California?  I heard someone in court talking about it when I was there to turn in my community service hours and I was wondering if this is something I could do.  They were talking about getting their conviction expunged but then mentioned something about having it sealed.  I did not think that it was possible to do that, but figure it is worth checking out.  Now that I am doing some research on it, it seems like maybe there is something I can do about my conviction.

Answer: Getting your record sealed is generally done by people who were minors at the time of the offense, or in cases where “factual innocence” is established. Expungements are generally done when people are convicted of crimes as adults. Getting a conviction sealed is a better route to go when possible, but it is not always a realistic goal.

Technically California does not have expungements, but there is another process to get the conviction dismissed, which is commonly referred to as getting the conviction expunged.   Getting a conviction dismissed is very beneficial as well and it is something I have done for a lot of my clients.

Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss in further detail.  I can speak to you about your situation and see if getting your conviction dismissed and/or getting your record sealed are options for you, and how we can go about getting it done.  In the meantime, check out:  Expungement for more information on what to expect and some benefits of having your conviction dismissed.

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