Question: I was home for almost an hour when a Cop arrested me for a DUI in Malibu. Now I have a Court case in Malibu coming up next month? Am I going to jail?

Answer: I need to know a little more about your case, but from what you wrote, there are potential defenses in your case, including potential lack of probable cause to appear at your house, potential lack of witness observing your driving, and fighting the BAC results since you were home for a half hour after driving. For example, it is feasible that you drank after arriving home. So if the prosecution was able to prove driving somehow, the key is, what was your BAC at the time of driving, not after you were driving, when you could have consumed alcohol since arriving home. In short, you should speak to a DUI Attorney to discuss your case in more detail. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss in further detail. I have successfully handled DUI cases in Malibu.


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