DUI and work restricted license

DUI and work restricted license

Question: I was arrested for a DUI in Van Nuys.  I do not want to get a DUI conviction, but I really can’t afford to lose my drivers license for a year.  I need it for work,  and for my kids to take them for school and everything.  Can I get a work restricted drivers license?  I know someone who got a DUI conviction and was told that he could not get any kind of restricted license.

Answer:  Generally speaking, yes, you can get a restricted license. You should speak with a DUI attorney in detail about your case. I would be happy to speak with you in more detail. It may be possible to get your DUI charge dismissed. Also, I can request a DMV hearing for you so your license is not suspended 30 days after the arrest. Note that there is a 10 day window from the arrest date to request that DMV hearing. When I request DMV hearings, I also have them issue a new temporary license so there is not an automatic suspension.

Your friend that you were discussing, was he convicted of a refusal of giving a breath or blood test after he was arrested?  If there is a refusal conviction or loss on a refusal at DMV, then you can not get a restricted drivers license and have to sit out the entire driver license suspension.  But if it is not a refusal situation, then you would be eligible for the restricted option.

Note that if you are convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles County, there is a required IID restricted license.  Call me to discuss in further detail if you would like. I regularly handle cases in Van Nuys Court, which is right around the corner from my office.


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