DUI probation with speeding ticket issue

Question: I was just placed on court probation for three years based on a DUI in Santa Clarita, CA. i have every intention of complying with all terms of my probation but i must know what kind of traffic citations would violate the probation. i have no intention of speeding, running red lights, or parking in front of fire hydrants, or committing any criminal acts. my only concern for violations is my old vehicle. would i violate probation because of having a cracked windshield or my turn signal does not work?
Answer: Those infractions alone probably wouldn’t be an issue with violating probation. I would highly recommend getting those issues fixed though. For starters, it makes you a target for getting pulled over (which can then potentially lead to bigger issues). Secondly, even if they didn’t lead to bigger issues, could still be infraction tickets and fines….so why not be proactive and handle these issues. I anticipate that your answer may be “limited finances,” but not fixing the issues may cost more money in the long run than fixing it.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer