how does DUI probation end

Question: I was put on probation for a DUI conviction for 3 years starting June 10, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. Now that the date is approaching, How does the probation process work? Will I actually be off DUI probation on June 10th or will i have to wait even later?
Answer: In California, if you were on “Informal Probation/Summary Probation” then assuming you didn’t violate probation while it was active, then it would end per the terms of your sentencing (ie. If you were on 3 years informal probation in CA starting June 10, 2009, with no probation violations, probation would terminate automatically on June 1-, 2012). In CA, if you are on formal probation, then that means checking in with the probation officer, etc.
If you are on formal probation, you can direct any questions towards your probation officer. If you are on informal probation, then it should terminate if you did not violate the probation. You should check with the attorney who handled this matter to clarify the terms of your probation. In the event you didn’t have an attorney handle this matter, you can call me to discuss further. The answer as to whether you are on formal or informal probation should be listed on the sentencing form you should have received back in 2009.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney