2nd DUI suspended license issue

Question: I have a restricted driving license. My license was suspended based on a 2nd DUI in Los Angeles (DUI in Van Nuys, CA to be specific). How long is the suspension for and when can I get my regular drivers license back?
Answer: If you were convicted of a 2nd offense DUI in Van Nuys / Los Angeles, California, there is a 2 year license suspension total (with the eligibility of getting a restricted license prior to that…which you apparently have). If there was no DUI conviction, but just an APS loss at the DMV on the 2nd DUI, then it is a 1 year suspension only, and you can get a regular license after the 1 year. Speak to your attorney that handled or is handling your case for more info on your current situation.
Phil Hache
DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney