DUI in San Fernando, CA with Assault with a Deadly weapon

Question: He was charged w/ DUI & Assault w/ deadly weapon. We are trying to 2nd guess what happened. My theory is he INTENTIONALLY used his car to drive toward a pedestrian, crowd, or officer. Even if no one was actually hit, he’d be charged w/ ADW. He may have even crashed into a store front with customers inside. Another theory is that he accidentally crashed because he was DUI it’s an automatic ADW no matter what. I disagree.
Answer: Although there can be different allegations when there is a DUI causing injury (ie. charged as a VC 23153, or as a felony causing great bodily injury, etc), there is not automatic allegation of ADW just because someone was DUI and in an accident. Whoever it is you are talking about that has the DUI should talk to an attorney in his area as soon as possible. I regularly handle DUI matters in San Fernando, CA and would be happy to give a free consultation to him.
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