Arrested for DUI while trying to find my girlfriend

Arrested for DUI while trying to find my girlfriend

Question:  I was arrested for DUI while trying to find my girlfriend after she went missing.   We had a little verbal argument and she got mad and stormed out into a shady area.  I tried calling her to tell her to come back but she was not answering her phone.   After a while of her being gone I began getting very concerned  for her safety, so I made a quick decision to go out in my car to find her.  I had been drinking that night and normally wouldn’t drive after drinking, but felt scared for her safety and needed to know where she was, especially since she wasn’t answering any phone calls.

Not too long after looking for her I was pulled over for running a stop sign skidding my tires as I was making turns.

I told the police officer what happened and that she was missing and the officer then looked for her, after I was arrested for DUI of course. When I got out the next morning, she had just returned home. I blew a .12 BAC and the arresting officer told me if I explained my case to the judge I could get out of this mess. The problem is I need my license for my job and I understand that the DMV will be suspending my drivers license automatically because I was arrested for DUI.  How can I get my driver’s license back immediately as I need it for a job I just got?  Also, how can I best set up a defense to get the case dismissed?

Answer:  I am a DUI attorney in Los Angeles and I am happy to discuss possible defenses to your DUI case in more detail. What court is your DUI in?  Although you wrote some details in your post, a DUI attorney will have other questions to ask you that are pertinent to your defense.  For example, specific questions about the DUI investigation the officer put you through (questions, field sobriety tests, etc).  Also, I would not post additional details on a public website like this. As far as your drivers license, when were you arrested?

In order to fight a driver license suspension, it is important to contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest to request a hearing, new temporary license, etc. A DUI attorney handling your case can handle that for you as well

Finally, I will add, that once charges are filed, it gets a little more complicated than what the officer may have expressed. Remember, the officer (or other officers at his department) were the ones that arrested you, so I wouldn’t rely on legal advice they may be giving you, or what may be perceived as legal advice. DUI cases are not as simple as going to the arraignment and telling the Judge why you should not be convicted. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss further.


Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney