Wrongfully arrested and charged for DUI

Wrongfully arrested and charged for DUI

Question:  Earlier this week I was wrongfully arrested and charged with a DUI.  I had too much to drink so my friend was the designated driver. When we got out of the bar and walked to my car, the person who parked in front of me accused us of hitting his car and called the police. The cops came and questioned us.  After asking us a few questions they had me take a breath test.  I told them I was going to blow over the limit and that I had been drinking that night, but that I was not driving, so why did I have to take the test?

After all that, the Police made up their mind that I was the driver and arrested me for DUI. From the damages of both our vehicles, it appears that someone side swiped both our cars while the cars were parked. To accuse me of doing that is ridiculous since we both parked our cars on the left side of the road on a one way street and the damages to both cars was on the right side.

They took my driver’s license and put me in jail. This is my first time being charged with anything. I’m seeking legal advice from a DUI attorney on what to do in this case. My friend is my witness as to everything and that I was not the driver.  Is this something that you can help defend me on?  I am really concerned about going to jail and losing my drivers license for a long period of time.

Answer:  Yes, I would highly recommend that we meet to discuss your case in more detail. From what you said, you clearly should not be convicted of a DUI. That being said, that does not mean that you cannot be charged and convicted of one.  It is important to have an experienced DUI attorney to defend you at both the criminal and DMV hearings.  I can show the prosecutor the weaknesses in their case, or in your situation, their lack of case.  Call me at (818) 336-1384 to set up a free consultation.

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