DUI and employment background check

DUI and employment background check

Question:  My question is in regards to a DUI and employment background check. I was convicted of a DUI in San Fernando a few years ago.  I am now looking to change jobs and have some applications to fill out, hopefully followed by some interviews.  While I am filling out the applications, I was wondering, does a DUI show up on background check for employment?  Is this something that I should list on my application when it asks about misdemeanors or felonies?  Or can I leave it off since the probation for this DUI has ended?

Answer:  First, that is a good question that people ask me regularly.  In short, yes, a DUI conviction will show up on a background check for someone searching for misdemeanor or felony convictions.  The good news is there is some action that you can take to avoid that for employment purposes, even after convicted.

It is possible to get a DUI conviction (or other criminal conviction for that matter) dismissed once probation has ended.  It is even possible to terminate probation early in some circumstances, something I have done for clients in the past based on their issues with getting a job caused by their conviction.

If the petition for dismissal of the conviction to the court is successful the conviction gets withdrawn and dismissed, and would not have to be reported to a large portion of employers/potential employers, with some exceptions.

There is more information about this on  http://californiacriminalrecordclearing.com/ that may answer a lot of your questions.  I can also be reached at 818-336-1384 to discuss your situation in more detail over a free consultation.  I have been extremely successful in getting convictions dismissed on DUI’s and other criminal matters.

Thanks again for your question and call me to discuss further.  I regularly and successfully handle matters, including petitions for dismissal of conviction(s), in San Fernando Court.


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