Will i be able to get my license reinstated after a DUI in Van Nuys, CA

Question: Will i be able to get my license reinstated? I was done with my dui classes. i just needed to pay the rest of the money and i was done. last week i got a pulled over and got a ticket for driving with a suspended license VC 14601. i just paid the rest of the money for my classes. will i be a able to get my drivers license or is the driving with a suspended license going to affect anything?
Answer: Sounds like you are being charged wiyh a VC 14601.2. The penalty for that can be more severe than the penalty you received for the Van Nuys DUI conviction. Talk to a DUI attorney aboutdefending the new charge (as well as license issues). Generally the new charge on it’s own should not bar getting a license, but there can be exceptions. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss further. I would be happy to talk to you about it.
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