I blew only .06 am i still gonna get a DUI in L.A.?

Question: I blew only .06 am i still gonna get a DUI in L.A.? i just had like a 1 beer. then i was gonna enter this freeway then the CHP pulled me over. They tested me and make me blew on their portable machine (i dont know what its called). i forgot how much i blew when they pulled me over. when we got to the prison they made me blew again for the 2nd time and i only got a .06 bac. and they convict me for like 12hours. are they gonna based the DUI on the 1st blew test or the 2nd one?
Answer: Generally, it is the chemical test that is given after arrest that they use as the “evidential” test, but the preliminary alcohol screening test results potentially can come in as evidence in trial, and may be used against you in negotiations. You should speak to a DUI attorney about your case in more detail. Feel free to contact me. Are you over 21? What court is your hearing in?
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