Will a Reckless driving conviction show up on my record?

Question: I have a DUI and was wondering if I have the charges changed to a reckless driving in los angeles, CA, would anything show up on my record?
Answer: If you are convicted of a misdemeanor reckless driving (whether by entering a no contest or guilty plea bargain or as the result of a trial) then it will show up on your record. In california, a reckless driving conviction is still a misdemeanor (although it is a reduced charge as compared to a DUI). So yes, in short, a misdemeanor conviction would show up on your record (although, it is a lesser charge and you are better off having a reckless driving conviction on your record than a DUI if possible). Call me to discuss further. There are a couple different types of reckless driving (ie. dry reckless vs. wet reckless)
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney