Van Nuys DUI with child endangerment

Van Nuys DUI with child endangerment

Question:  My husband got arrested last night in Van Nuys for dui and with my child in the vehicle. What are my options?  Social services came to my house and looked around house for food, stability in home. But his language was so bad I couldn’t understand half the things he said. My husband can’t be caught driving w my daughters or they will take my daughters away. How soon can my husband get his license back? And how soon can he be released from jail? I don’t have bail amount. Will he have to go a class for all of this?

Answer:  There are several questions that would have to be answered before an attorney could answer your questions with a good degree of certainty. For example, is this a first offense DUI or does he have priors? Also, what were some of the factors behind the stop and arrest? Why was he pulled over (or was there a car accident)? Did he submit to a breath or blood test, and if so, what were the results (if you know them at this time)?

Depending on the answers to those questions and others, will create variables to what he could be looking at for a potential penalties. Generally something like this would be charged as an enhancement to a DUI under Vehicle Code 23572 . Although it is possible that he is charged with a PC 273.

One thing I can say with certainty at this point is I would recommend that you speak to a DUI attorney in more detail about his case. Potential penalties can include jail time, alcohol course, probation, heavy fines, drivers license suspension, etc. This is aside and apart from the potential DCFS penalties with your kids. Speak to an attorney. Many on Avvo give free initial consultations.

Also, there is only a 10 day window to request a DMV admin per se hearing to get a new temporary license and fight a suspension based on the Admin Per Se issue. So contacting a DUI attorney as soon as possible is good idea.

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Phil Hache
Van Nuys DUI Lawyer