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If you are facing DUI or other criminal charges in Valley Village, whether a misdemeanor or felony, we strongly recommend that you consult us immediately to begin working on your case as soon as possible. If you are being questioned as part of a criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency, it is vitally important that you also have an experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney by your side throughout any questioning.

The earlier you contact Attorney Phil Hache to handle your case, the more effective he can be in Pre-Trial interventions and negotiations with prosecutors on your behalf, which may result in reduced charges or even a case dismissal in some circumstances. He is also able to help our clients with alternative sentencing and diversion programs, where appropriate and possible. Phil Hache is known for his negotiation skills, dedication, and exceptional legal abilities inside and outside the courtroom.

Regardless of the type of case you are involved in, whether it be a DUI, driving related charges, or other criminal charges, Attorney Phil Hache can immediately begin investigating the situation to build an effective defense strategy for your case. Further, If you are charged with a DUI, you are only given an 10 day window from the date of arrest to request a DMV hearing in order to fight against the suspension of your drivers license. If retained in time, we will request and handle your DMV hearing to ensure that your license is not automatically suspended after the expiration of your initial temporary license.

You can be confident that your Attorney Phil Hache will be the attorney handling your case. You will not be passed off to another Attorney or assistant that you never met.  Phil Hache handles his cases and speaks to all his clients personally to answer any questions and give case updates.

It is important for you to talk to an experienced DUI & Criminal Defense attorney about the details of your case to get the legal guidance and assistance you need as soon as possible. Not only for the benefit of your case and legal protection, but for your piece of mind as well.

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