2 DMV hearing wins in 1 day

Lack of Skill DMV hearing and DUI Admin Per Se DMV hearing wins in the same day!

Two (2) DMV hearing victories in one day

Win #1. Won a DMV “Lack of Skill” hearing earlier this week where my client was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction (which was disputed) and then the Officer subsequently informed the DMV that they should take away her driver license even though she had no traffic accidents or violations in over 10 years. It appeared to me that this action was taken against my client based on her age, not “Lack of Skill” issue.

She then took a driver license test and did not pass, with the instructor stating that she should not be able to take another driving test and her license revoked permanently. Although the driving test evaluator did state several reasons why she did not pass, there was nothing egregious in there, no “almost caused accident” issue or anything of that nature. Again, seemed to me to be a harsh ruling based on age, not a “lack of skill” issue. After an appeal of the indefinite license suspension, testimony and attacking the DMV’s evidence, I was able to get that ruling overturned and get her another driving test (once DMV reopens) with a temporary permit to drive and prepare for the drive test.

Win #2. DUI with accident admin per se hearing. After several hearings, witness testimony, Expert testimony, and cross examining the DMV’s “expert”, I was granted a set aside (ie. victory) where the DMV would not suspending my client’s driver license based on the Admin Per Se case.

Busy day, Happy Clients!