Santa clarita DUI moved out of state

Question: I have got a DUI in Santa Clarita, CA and then i moved to CT and the court ordered me to do some community service in which ever place i live and show them the proof of work done in Santa Clarita, CA. I actually work for a non profit agency for my living who pay me during the regular hours.So can i work during the weekends at the same work place for free for which they don’t pay me and show to the court as a proof of the community service done since its non -profit agency.
Answer: the court generally requires community service at a court approved location. If the court approved you doing the service in CT, does the local CT court officially approve community service at that location. You may want to have your attorney look into it to make sure you are not doing hours there and not getting credit.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer