DUI warrant

Question: I have a warrantout for my arrest for a DUI but I am scared they will take me into custody. It’s a third DUI in Van Nuys with other DUI’s in Los Angeles, CA.
Answer: You don’t want that warrant sitting out there too long. I am not sure how old your case is, but generally speaking it is better to handle bench warrants sooner as opposed to later. Also, it is better to go into court on your own free will then to get arrested on the warrant. If you decide to put off handling the bench warrant, you may want to consider going to AA meetings as much as possible to help soften the blow (Judges tend to look more favorably on people who take their own initiative in dealing what the Judge will likely view as a “problem.” If you do go to AA meetings, be sure to keep record (ie. Have the supervisor of the meetings sign, date and add the location of each attended meeting). Call me to discuss further. I help DUI and Criminal offense clients with these matters regularly.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer