Representing yourself in court

Not a good idea to represent yourself in Court

Question: I’m representing myself in court for a DUI in Van Nuys, CA (Won’t have DUI attorney defend my case).  1st DUI offense.  What should I argue?  I don’t think I should have been arrested as I was not drunk when I was driving.  I also think that the officer should not have pulled me over to begin with.  This whole situation is ridiculous and a waste of my time.  I am charged with something that I should not be charged with.
Answer: If you have already appeared representing yourself in Court, I am sure the Court has warned you about risks of representing yourself, but I figured I would share the same concern.
It would require far too much time to try to explain all the nuances of defending a DUI case and all the Court procedures that go along with it. Thus the reason why attorneys go to law school for several years and in CA, have to pass a 3 day long test in order to practice law in California.
I would recommend consulting with a DUI lawyer about your case in more detail, and one who is familiar with Van Nuys Court. You can call me if you are interested in hiring a DUI lawyer. But I want to give you the heads up that I can’t just teach you how to defend yourself in Court, and to hire a tudor to attempt to somehow get you up to speed on DUI defense and court procedure would probably cost a lot more money and time than just hiring a DUI defense attorney.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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