Question: Will I get taken to jail on my first court appearance for a misdemeanor DUI in Van Nuys Court? I have never been arrested before this and I am really nervous about going to Court.

Answer: I understand that you are nervous, and that is normal. Based on your question, I am assuming that this is a first offense DUI. That being the case, although there are a lot of variables involved, it is unlikely that the Judge would take you into custody on the first Court date. Keep in mind that for a misdemeanor, I (as a privately retained attorney) could appear on your behalf, so you would not need to go to Court for the first appearance, or at all for that matter in most circumstances. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail.


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  1. Marcee

    I also have a Van Nuys DUI court date coming up. Do you know where I need to go? Also, can I change my court date since I’m planning on being out of town on that date? Is it possible for me to avoid going to court at all?