Question: What motions should I run at a DUI Trial in San Fernando, CA? When are the DUI motions hearings?

Answer: You should speak to your DUI attorney about any potential motions where there is a straight faced argument to file the motion. The motion would need to be filed in advance and a hearing date set. Depending on your court, some will wait until what is called 7 of 10 or 8 or 10 (ie. just before trial starts) to have the motion hearings. Some will run them prior to trial setting. Talk to your DUI attorney about it in more detail, they should be the ones answering these questions for you. If you do not feel like you are getting the attention you would like from your DUI attorney, you may want to consider speaking to another DUI attorney (ie. Me) about your case and potentially having them sub-in to handle your matter. Good luck.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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