What happens when you wait years to pay a traffic ticket?

Waiting Years to Pay A traffic ticket

Question: What happens when you wait years to pay a traffic ticket?  I have a couple tickets from a few years ago that I didn’t do anything about.  I know the tickets are in collections, but don’t know what to do.  They are saying I owe thousands and thousands of dollars which I can’t pay.  I would like to clean up everything if possible.  Is this something that you can help me with?  The tickets are all out of Los Angeles.

Answer: Well, there are several things that can happen depending on the circumstances, and depending on the type of traffic ticket. One thing that can happen is that they send it to Collections and tack on a big late fee, which is apparently what they did in your case. Also, it’s possible that the DMV may at some point (if they have not already) suspended your drivers license.

If you get stopped for driving on a suspended drivers license, you can face misdemeanor 14601 charges which can be very serious.  I have been successful in getting tickets out of los angeles county collections and getting things back on track, including getting the hold lifted from clients drivers license so they can continue to drive while the case is being put back in the court, without fear of picking up driving on a suspended license citations, which further complicate things when that happens.

Call me to discuss your situation in more detaail.  I would like to know the actual courts  that your tickets were in in Los Angeles County, as well as the charges for each ticket.  If you are not sure, I can find it out for you.  Let me know when a good time to talk or set up a meeting is and we can coordinate our schedules to set up a meeting time.