What happens when you get a DUI with a high BAC?

High BAC

Answer by Phil Hache

Question:  I was arrested for a DUI on Ventura Blvd.  After the police officer asked me some questions and had me do some tests outside my car I was arrested.  I then blew into a breath machine at the police station and the officer said that my blood alcohol content level was extremely high.  He said almost 3 times the legal limit.  What happens when you get a DUI with a high BAC?  Am I going to be looking at a lot of time in jail?

Answer:  Potential consequences for a DUI can be quite serious and include jail time. There are possible additional penalties and enhancements for having a high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level above .15, and again above .20 BAC level. This can include a longer alcohol course, Community Labor, Community Service, AA meetings, jail time, longer drivers license suspension, etc.  It can also make it a bit harder to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, but that is not always the case.

I have been successful at getting DUI charges reduced to lesser offenses even in cases where my client has a high BAC level.  It is always advisable to speak to a DUI attorney in detail about your specific case to get a better idea of what to expect.  There are many variables when defending a DUI case, and it is easier to give a more accurate assessment once more questions have been answered by the licensee who was arrested.

Some of these questions include, why were you pulled over?  was there a car accident?  Do you have any previous convictions that are priorable for DUI sentencing purposes?  Were you already on probation for another conviction at the time you were stopped for the DUI?

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