Is Van Nuys Court tough on DUI’s (23152 charge)?

Question: Is Van Nuys Court tough on DUI’s (23152 charge)? I was arrested and have a first DUI case in Van Nuys Court coming up.  I have spoken to another attorney (although I don’t feel she handles many DUI cases) who said that Van Nuys is the hardest on DUI’s in all of Los Angeles County.  Is that true?

Answer: The answer to that question is subjective and you may get many variances to that question.  In my opinion though, I find that Van Nuys Court is relatively good in comparison to some other courts in Los Angeles County as far as DUI’s are concerned.  I have been very successful in negotiating favorable deals on DUI cases, but I work my cases very hard and push for my clients to get good deals, charges dismissed, reduced to lesser offenses, potential consequences mitigated, etc.   Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your DUI case in more deal.  No charge for the initial consultation.

Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney
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