Question: I was not drunk, but arrested for DUI in San Fernando on the freeway. Cop said I was speeding. Is that an issue?

Answer: If the question is, “is speeding an issue,” the answer is…maybe. I need more details. How fast did the officer claim you were going? If he claims you were going 30+ mph over the speedlimit on a freeway, then there will likely be an enhancement charge to the DUI which is pretty serious. If the officer claims you were going 10mph over the speed limit, although this may give him probable cause to pull you over, speeding on it’s own is not an effect of being under the influence of alcohol. Call me in regards to your DUI so we can discuss in more detail. I am actually headed up to San Fernando Court on two separate DUI matters today and can meet with you after that if you would like.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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