Misdemeanor VC 12500 driving without a license in Los Angeles, CA

Misdemeanor VC 12500 driving without a license in Los Angeles

Question:  I was charged with misdemeanor VC 12500 driving without a license in Los Angeles, CA.  I need to avoid a misdemeanor conviction if at all possible as I don’t want this to effect my ability to get a job once I am done with school.  I am currently in the process of getting a masters degree and after all my hard work and money I spent educating myself, I don’t want to take any chances a criminal conviction may have on negatively effecting my job search.
Also, I work full time and go to school.  I can’t go to court on the date my ticket says, and really can’t afford to spend the time dealing with this at all.  My paper says that a court date is mandatory.  I don’t want anyone to think I am not taking this seriously, but is there anything that can be done so I can not have to go to court at all?  Or at least can I move my court date?
Answer: If you retain me to handle your VC 12500 driving without a license case, I can handle the hearings without you being in court at all.  Also, I have a strong record of getting driving without a license charges reduced to infractions, and often completely dismissed!
I can certainly respect your limited time with all that you are doing.  You have a full schedule, that is for sure!  And I understand the importance of avoiding any kind of misdemeanor conviction on a charge like this.  I have continually gotten that result time and time again for my clients.  Feel free to call me at your convenience to discuss further.  818-336-1384.  Free Consultation.
In the meantime, you can click on the links below for more information about the charge:  Driving without a license
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