Arrested in Sherman Oaks for DUI and have DUI case in Van Nuys, CA

Question:  I was arrested in Sherman Oaks for DUI and have DUI case in Van Nuys, CA.  Officer told me my breath results were .07 and .08.  I did the field sobriety tests and think I did well on them.
My goal is to get a wet and reckless deal that I read about online.  Is it possible?
Answer: Based on the limited amount of information you provided, a wet reckless offer is something that should certainly be plausible.
I would be shooting for better than that personally. I would need to do more investigating into your DUI case, but in short, would be looking to get a non-alcohol related plea agreement based on the .07/.08 BAC. With further investigation, I may be looking for better deal than a wet reckless.
I do have other questions of course.  For example, do you have any prior DUI’s?  Why were you pulled over?  Were you in a car accident? etc.
I am a DUI attorney that has had good luck getting similar results in Van Nuys court (as well as other courts in Los Angeles County). I am in Van Nuys court regularly and have done DUI trials there, and a lot of successful case results.  I know the D.A’s and City Attorneys as well as the Judges at the court.
Van Nuys court is actually located very close to my main office in Sherman Oaks. Call me at 818-336-1DUI to discuss further.  The initial consultation is free of charge.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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