Question: I was arrested for a DUI in Sherman Oaks and have a Van Nuys DUI Court date next month. I don’t understand why I had to do two separate breath tests? Is this because the first one was low???

Answer: To answer your question. It is likely that the first Breath test you did was the PAS test. That stands for Preliminary Alcohol Screening test, and generally is used to determine whether or not the officer should arrest you. Often times though, the prosecutor will attempt to use the results of the PAS test against you in court to determine the amount of alcohol in your system at time of driving. The second machine they likely had you blow on was the breath test at the station. This tends to be more accurate of a machine which is why they have people blow on this machine as well, although both have their flaws! Feel free to contact me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail. I have obtained good results for DUI cases in Van Nuys Court and I am there regularly.


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