Arrested for a DUI at a DUI checkpoint in Van Nuys

Question:  I was a Arrested for a DUI at a DUI checkpoint in Van Nuys with a court date for DUI Van Nuys dept. 103.  What does this mean?  And how can this be given that I was driving fine when I went into the checkpoint.  I did not try to evade the police or the checkpoint or anything.

Answer:  I am not sure what your question is.  Based on the citation you received from your DUI arrest, your Criminal matter will be heard in Van Nuys Court.  Dept. 103 is on the 4th floor of the Van Nuys court, and is where all of the misdemeanor DUI arraignments are heard.  Once you enter a not-guilty plea, it gets sent out to a different court room for further proceedings.  Does that answer your question?

I have handled many DUI cases successfully in Van Nuys Court. If your question is, are DUI checkpoints legal, they are, but there are a lot of parameters the cops have to follow.  DUI checkpoints don’t always meet those requirements which allows one to challenge the DUI charges.

Additi0nally, along with attacking the DUI checkpoint itself, other aspects of the DUI charges can be challenged in an effort to get your DUI charges reduced to a lesser offense or completely dismissed.

One thing I can recommend is that you have an experienced DUI attorney represent you in court to defend you and your Constitutional rights.

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