Question: I have a pending 3rd DUI in Van Nuys Court, and was arrested for a 4th DUI in Burbank. What should I expect?

Answer: If there is a 3rd DUI conviction, the fourth could DUI could be filed as a felony (which is more serious than a misdemeanor). When was your second DUI? and are you still on probation for that? If so, that will potentially play a role in this. If you are on probation for the 2nd offense still, what court was that conviction in? I would definitely advise having an attorney for both charges. Not only to help look for viable defenses, but there may be some creative deals that can be worked out for the two pending charges, and if there are going to be pleas for both, timing of those pleas is something that may come into play to help mitigate consequences. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss in further detail. There are a lot of variables here that need to be considered before your question can be more specifically assessed. For example, what was your BAC, were you in an accident, any other enhancement charges, etc.


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