Question: I have a Glendale DUI charge with a .14. Is it possible to reduce DUI charges to a wet and reckless with a .14?

Answer: It is possible to get the DUI charges reduced, possibly even completely dismissed, but an Attorney would need more information to assess your situation. Was your breath test result in the field (PAS test), or at the station? What court is your case in? The .14 is on the higher side, but not extremely high, and it is possible that the machine used was not maintained or calibrated properly, etc. I have had DUI cases with BAC’s above .20 get reduced to lesser charges. It can be done, but it’s often hard to tell until the attorney starts working the case. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your case in further detail. My office is in Sherman Oaks and I handle DUI cases in southern california, including Glendale.

Also, if you were not aware, you only have 10 days to request your DMV hearing. If you don’t, it is likely that the DMV will automatically suspend your license. If you hire an attorney in the time frame, your attorney can request and handle that hearing as well.

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