Question: I have 2 dui’s a week apart. One DUI in Van Nuys, CA and another in San Fernando. Plus I have 2 prior DUI’s from Torrance, CA. Will they both be treated as 3rd DUI’s?

Answer: There are a LOT of questions I would need answered to best respond to your questions. For example, how long ago were our first 2 DUI’s in Torrance, CA? Are you currently on probation for either of them. There are creative ways to try to get the cases resolved both with penalties for 3rd offenses to keep either of them from being filed as a felony. If one or both of the cases are weak, it may be worth going to trial on in an attempt to get one or both dismissed. Call me at 818-336-1DUI to discuss further.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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