Question: How often does a DUI charge get dropped in Los Angeles, CA? Can a DUI lawyer help? Can I move the case to Van Nuys Court so I can walk there?

Answer: Yes, there is certainly a better chance of getting the DUI charges dismissed or reduced if you have an Attorney fight it. I would recommend speaking to and hiring an experienced DUI attorney in regards to your case. Sometimes even cases that do not look good on the surface can be fought with good results as the case progresses. For instance, I have had DUI charges dismissed and reduced in DUI cases with 0.20 blood alcohol levels, and higher! Not to say that happens in every case, but it does happen, and those results only come when you fight it! In regards to transferring your case, if your Arraignment is in downtown Los Angeles Court (either CCB or Metropolitan), then that is where you need to be. Keep in mind that if you hire a privately retained Attorney, and you are being charged with a Misdemeanor (not a felony), then your Attorney can appear on your behalf, and you will not have to be at the Arraignment.

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