Question: How do I know if I can defend myself in a DUI case?

Answer: I would not recommend representing yourself in a case. First, it is generally not a good idea for anyone to represent themselves. It is not even advisable for an Attorney to represent himself/herself in a case. Secondly, the Court procedures and DUI defense are both intricate processes. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney, trained in forensic toxicology and how to handle DUI cases is the best advice in an attempt to lessen the consequences. Additionally, in order to even give general advice, it would be better to know more about your case (ie. why you were pulled over, etc.) What you spend on an Attorney could save a lot of heartache down the road. If you would like to discuss your case in further detail, feel free to contact me at 818-336-1384. Also, what court is your case in? Los Angeles county? Is it in Van Nuys or San Fernando, or another county in Los Angeles?

Phil Hache
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