DUI charge with prior DUI's – How does a DUI impact someone with prior DUI misdemeanor charges?

DUI charge with prior DUI’s – How does a DUI impact someone with prior DUI misdemeanor charges?

Question: How does a DUI impact someone with misdemeanor charges?  I have prior DUI’s 11+ years ago in Van Nuys and San Fernando.  New DUI is in Torrance, CA from the other week and I told the officer that I had prior DUI’s.  He said that those DUI’s would make this one much worse, and he was making me more nervous about getting arrested that I already was.  He was also pretty general about everything.
I am just now looking into the penalties that I may be looking at and I am scared out of my mind.  It seems like I could very well be doing almost six months of jail on this.  Is there any way you can work some magic so I don’t have to do that, or anywhere close to that amount of jail time?
Answer: Obviously not good news that you were arrested for a DUI, but there is some news that you may find comforting after your conversation with the police officer about yoru prior DUI’s.  If your misdemeanors charges are all over 10 years old and you are no longer on probation, then they should not be used against you in your current DUI case for priorability purposes.
Keep in mind that if you had prior DUI’s that are over 10 years old (arrest date to arrest date), although they would not be “priorable,” the prosecutor may try to hold that against you when negotiating a plea agreement. This may be possible for other convictions as well, but in my experiences unrelated alcohol offenses over 10 years old have not come into discussions when negotiating with prosecutors. You should contact a DUI attorney to handle your case. I can be reached at 818-336-1DUI to discuss it in more detail.
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