How to pick the right DUI attorney to represent me?

How to pick the right DUI attorney

Question: How do I pick the right DUI attorney to represent me?  My case is in Van Nuys Court.  First offense DUI that I received a few days ago.  Then all of the sudden I got a stack of mail from attorneys.  How did they even get my address?  I actually found it a bit disturbing that they sent me mail like this and would not use any of them.  I feel like they invaded my privacy by doing so.  What if I didn’t want anyone else that I live with to know about?  It’s not a big deal in my case, but on principal alone!

Anyways, are there things I should look for when determining which DUI lawyer I should hire?  I read your reviews and am quite impressed. So that is a good start I figure…

Answer: That is a good question. You should focus on a couple things, including their experience defending DUI cases and successful case results to name a couple things to look out for.  Also, see if the Attorney continues to take “MCLE” courses on DUI defense and forensic toxicology to stay on top of the field, and client satisfaction.  Some attorneys claim to have been handling DUI’s for 30 years…of course if they have not stayed on top of their game for the past 29 years, then the number alone doesn’t mean much…

Further, a lot of the decision making should depend on how you feel after meeting with that attorney. Be wary of situations where you meet with one attorney, but then an attorney that you never spoke to is the one handling your case. DUI defense is personal, and you will want to be sure your attorney will be in contact with you regularly, return your calls, answer your questions, and spend time on your case in your defense, etc.

As a DUI defense attorney, these are the things that I focus on, which I feel make me a good DUI defense attorney with many satisfied clients to back that up!

Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384.  I offer free initial consultations to discuss your case in more detail and get to know me a bit before deciding if I am the right attorney for you.


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