Is it possible getting a felony DUI expunged if I completed my probation in San Fernando, CA?

Getting a felony DUI expunged

Question:  I was convicted of a DUI about 7 years ago as a felony.  I given probation and some jail time and other stuff which I completed when I was supposed to.   Now I am looking for a job and this conviction is causing some problems.  I recently had one interview and at the second interview was informed that this was an issue.  How do I get a felony DUI expunged if I completed my probation?  The DUI conviction was  in San Fernando, CA?
Answer: If you successfully completed your probation for your felony DUI conviction in San Fernando Court, then it is possible to have the conviction withdrawn and dismissed. I would need to know more about your DUI conviction to properly advise on your specific case.  For example, was it a felony DUI because it was  your 4th DUI (or more)  in 1o years?  Or was there an accident that caused injury?
Also, I would need to confirm that you are not currently on probation for any other conviction, and have no pending charges at this time.  Either one of those would act as a barrier to getting this conviction dismissed.
Feel free to contact me at 818-336-1DUI to discuss your situation in more detail.  I have been successful in getting DUI convictions dismissed for my clients and would be happy to help you with this.
In the meantime, check out the following link for more information on getting convictions dismissed: DUI expungement
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